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"Grover" a 1954 Barndoor single cab with supercharged Autocraft engine

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Have been reading with interest for a while and this is my first post.

I am currently building a "steetable" Single cab that I plan to drag race.

Grover is a 1954 Barndoor single cab that I have had for a while now and like all things is getting out of hand :happy:

The engine is an Autocraft 101.6 x 88. It runs a moldex crank, Pauter rods, CP pistons, 910 heads with Titanium and Incanel valves etc. The trans is a bus box build by Dave Butler (Dangerous Dave) to be as strong as it can and will run A RLR rev 6 clutch.

It will be super charged with a 2300 Harrop charger, with a water to air inter cooler. A Haltec ecu will control the fuel and ignition and full data acquisition.

The SC will be full bodied and has an ANDRA approved roll cage.

I am not sure how all this will work so I am hoping my questions can be answered here.


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andrewmurphy said:
You're going to need to reinforce the handle bar for the passenger!!!!!! The first time you take someone for a drive in it, they will rip it right off when you nail it. :doh:
Starting to get somewhere.

The inter cooler all mocked up for a trial fit and to work out all the plumbing.

Cooling fans mounted

Cooling shrouds coming together.

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Phil, kudos to you for your fabrication skill, forward planning (and adaptability), and commitment to Grover's build. Thanks also for sharing the pics to keep us all informed of the progress you have been making. Here's hoping for a a trouble free (or as close to it as possible) run to the finish line (or should I say start line) in the latter part of 2013

Thanks Al,
But not all my work, as I said before I am the tack weld king, but all final welds are done by Shaun on the alloy and Cain for the chromoly.

A big thanks to you, as all the new metal and custom work, wheel tubs load bed etc was done at Als shop
Great ideas and great workmanship and people who truly passionate about VWs.

Almost there probably a few more days fab work, some final welding then the plumbing and wiring.

Looking at getting the engine running and a bit of a drive to see how it all feels then I need to get the underneath painted.

Then it will be final assembly, hoping to do some skids at Power cruise in March.

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I spent way too much time on the cooling shrouds, but they are 99% done.

All welds are Shauns

Welded tab on for Oil filter, I am not sure I will need it, but have the parachute anchor sorted, its removable.

Nice Big Catch can/ breather.

Just arrived, 300m axles from Kartech, thank good the size is right :thumbsup:

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This is making me rethink my plans for my Bus... Lookin' good!
JK Fab said:
This build is just out of this world !
It surely is.... Hopefully Ill get to have another look at Sydney in Feb.... What say you Phil?
Planning on running it down the strip at the Feb Drag day in Sydney.

The biggest issue is paint, however Al at Das Resto Haus has a spot for me and will turn it around as quick as he can.

The plan is to have everything back for final assembly end of Dec, with January spend putting it together and hopefully early Feb I can do some testing.

Lots to do but I think it will do me good to have a deadline now, this has been going on way to long.

This incredible creation doesn´t need paint..
only the underside will be painted, the outside stays as it is.

Drawn a line in the sand to have Grover running down the strip at The Sydney VW Drags in Feb.

Finalizing a few things before his underside get a paint.

Added another tube the front, really happy how it turned out, probably not a bad option for streeters, you cannot see it when its on the ground.

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Very nice upgrade there.... BD's are not the strongest of Bus'. so any improvement along those lines must be a good thing.
Are you sure you are not a misdirected former formula 1 engineer that has come over to the dark side. This level of fabrication is beyond the imagination of most pro race car builders. I love it TRG.
HI Grover,
Thanks for your compliments, but again its not all my work, I only dream of welding like that.

Paul and Cain from Pro flow did their magic and fabbed up the wheelie bars and some more bracing.

Off to paint this week.

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notched said:
Gotta love a Type 2 with wheelie bars...
Better yet a T2 with a parachute mount....... :happy:
PAINT!? Don't even think about paint. Leave it unfinished. More of a sleeper that way. Save the money for paint and put into performance.
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