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"Grover" a 1954 Barndoor single cab with supercharged Autocraft engine

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Have been reading with interest for a while and this is my first post.

I am currently building a "steetable" Single cab that I plan to drag race.

Grover is a 1954 Barndoor single cab that I have had for a while now and like all things is getting out of hand :happy:

The engine is an Autocraft 101.6 x 88. It runs a moldex crank, Pauter rods, CP pistons, 910 heads with Titanium and Incanel valves etc. The trans is a bus box build by Dave Butler (Dangerous Dave) to be as strong as it can and will run A RLR rev 6 clutch.

It will be super charged with a 2300 Harrop charger, with a water to air inter cooler. A Haltec ecu will control the fuel and ignition and full data acquisition.

The SC will be full bodied and has an ANDRA approved roll cage.

I am not sure how all this will work so I am hoping my questions can be answered here.


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Only underneath will be painted, the out side stays as it is.

How did it go in paint?

You starting on getting it ready for firing it up yet?

Such a cool project, its a proper pro street looking weapon!


dannyboydkr said:
coolest bus ive seen in a long time :thumbsup:
Coolest bus ever!!
What a mental bus!! Can't wait to see this run :)
Thank you for your comments.

The body is with Al at Das Resto House, All the metal is out getting powder coated, will start to see the parts comming back in the next few days.

The final nagging project was the intake.

What a mission:

I drew up and cut the flanges and mocked up the runners, Dave Stoker machined the injector pockets and holders, Owen CNC milled them to slim them down so they fit and the brilliance of Shaun from Shauns custom alloy made it all work with his incredible welding and fab skills.

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tufty65 said:
What a mental bus!! Can't wait to see this run :)
The Ultimate bus build deep with technology!!

Gonna be fantastic to see finished with the high level of fabrication being used
Great thread. Incredible build. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :hippie:
Can't wait to see it in February! THUMBS UP SMALL
Philm said:
Thank you Brian for changing the title, probably should add a few more words to my posts.

Fiatdude, I get 3 inch bump and 2 inch rebound so 5 inch in total. With this set up I can easily drop the suspension so I can take off the rear wheels. It is a bit elaborate but its the only way I could fit everything in, I can get an 8.5 x 26 slick in the back.

The suspension is fully adjustable, toe adjusted with the rod ends on the swing arm, camber by rotating the inner swing arm mount and "Thrust or Pinion angle"" adusted just like a typical 4 link set up.

Really not sure how its all going to work so thought I had to build in this adjustability.


Hi !

Just to check if I get this right, half of the inner sving arm mount is welded to the chassis(old torsion pipe) and the other half you can rotate the amount that the "long holes" is in length ?

Awesome build !!

Happy New Year :D

Any updates on this?

How has the painting on the undercarriage gone?
Saw grover at das resto haus getting all the underbody tidied up and painted. Looks awesome!! Phil should have the car back now and be headlong into putting grover back together.
Grover is finished...... well almost :sad:

tried to be ready for the VW Drag day but missed it, decided to take it anyway and posed for some pics on the track.

Fired the engine and will start setting it up for some runs.

Photos courtesy of Lee

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all you need to do is release the tilt canopy and it will act as your parachute!! Great bus build!
Very nice! It'll be interesting to see how well it runs.
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