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"Grover" a 1954 Barndoor single cab with supercharged Autocraft engine

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Have been reading with interest for a while and this is my first post.

I am currently building a "steetable" Single cab that I plan to drag race.

Grover is a 1954 Barndoor single cab that I have had for a while now and like all things is getting out of hand :happy:

The engine is an Autocraft 101.6 x 88. It runs a moldex crank, Pauter rods, CP pistons, 910 heads with Titanium and Incanel valves etc. The trans is a bus box build by Dave Butler (Dangerous Dave) to be as strong as it can and will run A RLR rev 6 clutch.

It will be super charged with a 2300 Harrop charger, with a water to air inter cooler. A Haltec ecu will control the fuel and ignition and full data acquisition.

The SC will be full bodied and has an ANDRA approved roll cage.

I am not sure how all this will work so I am hoping my questions can be answered here.


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i have loved this build from the start no one usually does a race bus this nice.
Cant wait to see what it actually runs down the track,heck even if its slower then expected its still a great start to a show bus and weekend drag bus
Grover is almost done.
We have run the engine and have driven up and down the driveway. Have a few issues to sort but after a few commitments will start tuning for power and get it down the strip.

In full streetable trim it weighed 1160KGs 2557pounds. Pretty happy with that as a stock bus comes in at 998kgs 2200pounds empty. I would say race weight when unnessary items removed will be about the 2500pounds with me in it.

Some final pics of engine before it went back in last night.

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Love the new detailing there Phil... Top job mate.
That engine is artwork, one of the top 5 best looking engines ever
Grover runs and Idles.

Only a very rough tune at the moment will get it running nicer when I return from Ben Pon Show.

OH MY --- -- -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sounds better than a Blown Engine -- -- Fantasic

I'm ruined for the rest of the day -- guess I go work on my POS
very nice bus! to say the least. so you say you come tot the ben pon show? see you there! (althoug i wouldnt recognise you) i live 1 mile from the showsite.
have a nice time over here!! greets lenny
I just read through this entire thread and I'm amazed. This is very cool! Did you get that idle cleaned up some? Would love another Grover update!
Just saw this thread from a post off the STF and thanks. This is one awesome build in every way!
is this a track only bus? Would be cool to have a blown street bus.
He's done a lot of track days with it, I understand, so it must be some kind of 'streetable'
121 - 134 of 134 Posts
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