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Getting guages for my project streetcar

I have oil press and temp
Cyl head temp
Autometer monster tach
prolites for shift and oil press

what else should a car have?

Are the air/fuel gauges really helpful?

How about exhaust temp?

Just want to get my electrical lined out
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Ive used the LM-1 for a few years now and really like it. Especially the more I add to it for logging purposes. I will be adding 4 egts to it soon. My old street cars were all VDO and I always ran a EGT guage and would tune the engine off of that. The egt reads slower but you can get a great tune with it instead of the afr. Just beware of cheap afr guages out there.

The new LM-2 looks REALLY nice compared to the first gen. You may wanna consider this if your really serious about logging/tuning.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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