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Hazet Valve adjuster tool

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Anyone have one of these? I want one bad!!

Hazet 2568-1 valve adjustment tool

To adjust the valves on an aircooled VW engine you need one hand to loosen the lock nuts with a 13mm wrench, another hand to turn the adjusting screws with a screwdriver, another hand to hold a feeler gauge to measure the valve clearance, and ideally yet another hand to apply pressure to the rocker arms to eliminate any slack, all at the same time. This valve adjustment tool is designed to take at least one hand out of the equation.

It combines the wrench and screwdriver functions into a single tool, and was thoughtfully designed with the limited working space around the valve adjusters in mind. The handle of the wrench is mercifully offset — I've never been able to adjust my valves without skinning at least one knuckle when using an ordinary combination wrench.

Some VW and Porsche accessory tool kits came equipped with one of these. This particular one, 2568-1, is supposed to be the recommended model for the VW Type 3. I've been trying to get one for a while now, but I keep getting overbid on eBay, so I'm glad to have found this NOS example for about what the used ones usually go for. Can't wait to try it out. That's right: this isn't going into some climate-controlled display case, I intend to actually use it.
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That's badass! When you get one, grab another for me!
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