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1972 Volkswagen Euro 1302S Super Beetle Deluxe
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I am attaching a picture of the distributor that should be on your engine. Virtually everything on my car is OEM because it was in storage in Germany for 39 years and no one screwed around with it. Even when it was serviced in Germany after coming out of storage nothing was actually done to it. When I first got it in 2019 I needed to rebuild the front disc brake calipers. Yes, it has factory disc brakes. When I replaced the front hard lines with copper-nickel I discovered that the front flex hoses for the brakes were made by Fulda and were dated 4-72. One of the services done after storage was supposed to be the replacement of all the brake hoses; not done but paid for.
Cannot attach yet. Seems to be some problem. The correct distributor is one with a vacuum advance canister. The first number is JFU 4 and under that is two sets of part numbers. The first set is 0 231 146 101 and the VW part number is 113 905 205 AL. The spaces can be replaced by dashes or periods if you are search for the numbers. This distributor was what probably came on the car when it was new. The 009 distributor was originally used on buses that were in delivery service, i.e. stop and go driving that you would find in a city.
I also suspect that the carb probably needs a complete internal cleaning and the float set properly. The other thing that goes bad with great frequency is the solenoid on the side of the carburetor. Check that the wire to the choke is actually in place on the opposite side of the carburetor from the solenoid. If the solenoid is working it will click with the ignition key on. The reason for that thing is to cut off fuel to prevent engine run-on when the ignition is turned off. If it doesn't click on when the ignition key is turned to the on position, that can contribute to the running poorly.
There are some folks on TheSamba that are in the Phoenix area. Look up Ashman40 on TheSamba. Join TheSamba while you are there.
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