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I'm new to the forum, although I've been reading here for several months trying to figure out why my 73 super beetle convertible isn't running right. I've read a lot about the 34 carb and the 009 distributor combination, and I took pictures of mine to ask you all if you can tell me which carb and distributor I have. If I have the 34 carb and 009 distributor, what are my steps to get it running right?

Here's the symptoms of my bug.

  • It was running fine, then one day in spring of this year, it started shooting black smoke out the exhaust. Parked it in the garage, started it once a week for the last 6 months.
  • Took it out over the summer for 5 minutes (outside temperature about 100 degrees), had lots of white smoke and oil burning smell. Parked. Oil had fountained out of the filler neck into the engine bay. Bubbled paint right under the rear deck lid. Presumed overheating.
  • Haven't dared to take it out again. Started running it once a week in the garage with the garage open.
  • Each time we start it up, it will run for a minute, then when warming up will die. Sometimes, it will continue idling indefinitely, but the second you tap the gas after warming up, it makes a loud sound (kind of like choking or screeching), and dies.
  • One time a month ago, just took it around the block in the neighborhood. It has serious difficulty accelerating past 5mph, chokes and stutters a ton. Then, once it chokes itself to 15mph, it accelerates fine, albeit very slowly.

Haven't been able to figure out how to get it running right. Please help! Thank you for your advice.
Maybe there's something wrong with the carburetor, or there's too much carbon in the engine
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