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New to VW but not to wrenching. It was time for a new “Toy” and I’ve always wanted a Baja so I found one and what a project it’s become! It’s all good though. It’s (no name yet) a ’75 body with a ’73 1600cc dual port. It ran, kinda, when I got it and I have done a lot of diagnosing and ordering parts to say the least. The following is an abbreviated list of the “opportunities”:
  • Wrong plugs were installed yet gapped correctly
  • Had a vacuum leak on the PS intake boot and intake gasket
  • The wrong fuel pump was installed
  • Leaking and tired exhaust
  • The shocks on it were stock type 1 shocks with finger tight nuts holding them on
  • Two plug wires were intermittent with loose connections
  • The carb was a cheap Chinese POS
  • The seats are new but were never bolted down
  • The wiring works but is definitely on the to-do list to rewire
  • The oil pressure was a bit low so the pump was removed and the gears were fine but the drive gear was roached as well as the cam so it’s now going to get a stroker kit.

Items are on order but with any luck we should be on the road in a few weeks!!

Thanks all!!

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