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Posting this for a local dealer here in Central Indiana. Let's help him catch this theiving POS -- :tickedoff:

ATTENTION!!! (last update: 4/23/2014)
Hey, fellow Dubbers!! It is a sad day here at Buggy Works, Inc. Late last night / early this morning, someone smashed through both plate glass doors and robbed the shop. They did not steal money or easily accessible, quick-turn items. They stole our custom motor for the 21-Window Bus. We have meticulously created this motor for an awesome customer and happily shared the progress with our family and fans. Unfortunately, someone amongst us has decided that they want what isn't theirs and vandalized our shop in the process. Keep your eyes and ears open...

2332 Fuel Injected CB Performance Magna Spark Porsche Shroud
Exhaust System is all surface rusted (not shown in this picture)
Steel Braided Lines from Oil Pump.

If you have any information please contact Colby @ Buggy Works at (317) 388-1740.
Thank you!

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