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Hot VWs National Records

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I for some stupid reason think that I would like to go after the oldest 1/4 mile record on the Hot VWs National Records list. Ok so it is just a fantasy dream, but it is mine, so get off me. Anyway, I have always thought it was Lloyd Moshers Little Giant Killer in the B/D class until I read farther into it. The oldest record from the list is a UAF member, Dave Kawell. It is in the A/A class, dated 8-1988 (just about the time Snuggles was 2 months old) set at the Antelope Valley race track. I have been to that track and can see why there aren't too many records falling there. Does the word desert mean anything to you. Any way Dave set the record in the A/A class with a 9.08 at 154.11 mph.

Ok, so Dave, just to let you know, your record is safe from me. LOL

Congradulations Dave.
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