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The Autometer Universal Fuel Level Sender Product #3262
For 240 Ohm Empty / 33 Ohm Full Gauge models.
Adjustable for 5" - 24" deep tank. Fits standard 5-bolt mounting flange.

is what I use in my Ghia and is very accurate once you get the measurement done as what the sender unit instructions (pdf instructions) says.
The 5-bolt mounting flange on the sending unit itself will fit the stock gas tank.

I used the 240Ωs Empty / 33Ωs Full Autometer fuel sending unit for my Autometer fuel guage.
I've got it dialed pretty accurate using a digital multimeter to read when the sending unit float arm was empty (touching the bottom of the tank) and full (touching top of the tank).

What I did was drained the tank out completely. Removed the stock sending unit, then used a measuring yardstick to measure the depth of the the tank.
I then used the PDF shown above where to set the Autometer sending float according to the measurement table.

Prior to installing the sending unit into the tank, I checked the operation with the multimeter, checking the continuity (+) lead to sending unit (-) ground and move the float arm up/down making sure
that I get the full 240Ωs at the bottom and the 33Ωs Full. I then installed the fuel sending unit/ gasket and tightened down the flange bolts, and I rechecked the 240Ωs at Empty.
Wired up the Autometer fuel gauge and kept my multimeter on the sending unit, I start filling the gas tank. Monitoring both the multimeter and the gauge for accuracy until the tank is full.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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