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Newk said:
I am gonna recommend NOT using the info here to "build" your own kit. There is a lot of stuff I dont see mentioned that is of consideration when adding nitrous to your engine. His knowledge is ok but for one "FINDING" all the quality parts needed can be more of a headache than its worth. That said all the components that go into a good system take into account the orifice size and length and changes in flow/direction etc. that make for a reliable consistant system (AT ALL CYLINDERS)!!

I have outsourced a few items in the past (electrical and otherwise) and had issues here and there that were probably not worth the headache. Especially to a newer user lookin to NOT trouble shoot and re-invent the wheel.

This is just my opinion fwiw....

Thanks Jeff

Thats what we all need, an honest opinion and advice

I think most people are afraid of Nitrous because of all the melted engine horror stories

Hopefully your advice will help
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