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Good afternoon, ive been trying to find information on a vw buggy engine I was given from my boss and Ive started to lose patiencešŸ˜‚ ive looked up serial numbers, read through multiple websites and scanned through a few books and and unsure where to go. Where is a good place to order quality parts? Also, can anybody tell me what engine I have. I believe it is a 1973 type 1 engine but have no idea when it comes to VW. My boss said it is an 1890cc engine but cant find that online. It is a dual carbureted system as well. See attached pictures! Transmission plug seems to be missing, where can I get a new one/which plug is correct? Thanks!
Hi Nathan,
Your Engine looks to be like a modified Engine, but the cowling is missiing over the Barrels and Heads, and that can cause an overheated engine...
You should be able to get parts from either a VW Dealership or an EMPI Dealer. Make sure the valves are adjusted to 6 thousands every 3000 miles
or you will pop the head off of a valve in # 3, unless they put solid Stainless Steel Valves in it.
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