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We now have a dedicated Buy and Sell section for the UAC Forum, which is completely free for everyone to use, from private individuals to businesses.

For people in the community, please list your Classifieds in this dedicated section instead of the general discussion forums.

For businesses and companies, please put your commercial-related threads in the Marketplace section. This is 100% free for all businesses and companies to use.

Here are the 4 sections that have been setup:

Classifieds is a place for private sales only, to buy and sell. If you're a business or company, please post your threads in the Marketplace section.

If you sell your item, please do not delete your first post. Just post up a simple "Sold" reply in the thread. Sold threads then become archives that can be used as a point of reference.

Want To Buy
This is a place to post up something you want to buy, to give the community and businesses an opportunity to respond to you.

Ebay Auctions
If you're going to post up something on Ebay, feel free to share your auction link here, to give the community a chance to respond to your auction.

Commercial threads for businesses or companies go here, to list your business products, services, events, specials, and sales. This section is 100% free for all businesses and companies to use.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post up. Thanks. :cool:
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