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Well, another car, another new begining, another name added to the list -- -- The Oval is dead, long live the Ghia -- stripping the last of the gofast parts off the oval and then it goes on the block -- in the mean time here is the newest victim of my abuse -- more pictures in
the future and as work SLOWLY progresses lol

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Found the info -- got my Beehives from Comp cams

similar to K650 setup on 1.800" install height

retainer 774-1 need 8
spring 26981-1 need 8
Locks 623-1 need 8

these were for the CB ss valves in my angle ports ----- total cost from comp $122.40 -- got the springs from comp for 9.88 each -- summit has them for almost $12

Brand:COMP Cams

Manufacturer's Part Number:26981-1

Part Type:Valve Springs

Product Line:COMP Cams Valve Springs

Summit Racing Part Number:CCA-26981-1


Number of Springs Per Valve:Single

Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in):1.240 in.

Coil Bind Height (in):1.115 in.

Damper Spring Included:No

Spring Rate (lbs/in):347 lbs./in.

Inside Diameter of Outer Spring (in):0.825 in.

Valve Spring Style:Beehiv
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Let's see if I can update my thread

Working on the intake --

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Engine is almost ready -- Just need to finish the MSD install -- I still hate crawling around the freaking cage to get to the back of the firewall LOL

I'm so over using steel braided line -- and E85 just eats them up -- I'm having to replace it almost every other year -- So now I'm using hard line when I have new installs or replacing old lines, I'm using either SS or Aluminum... AL is softer and easier to form and more forgiving than SS.....

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IT'S RUNNING -- -- Fired right up -- My timing light took a dump so I was just guessing where I was at --- and was trying to guess where I was at with the fuel but it was sounding real nice.........
I'm in trouble now LMAO

No sooner than I bragged about how great my 16300 starters, I had mine go out --- Damn it!!! -- -- So, I jumped into my car and drove over to CarCraft in Riverside, all the while preparing to buy another 16300 (and get lunch at Zorba's).... Was setting there bench racing with Bob Godfrey and whining about losing a starter, Ed perks up and said that he had this new brand new starter "OE Brand Part Number BA16450" out of Florida making some really killer starters.... I'm going, Yeah, Yeah, I've heard this all before... So Ed brings one out. They are tiny and light!!! I'm looking at it and thinking there's no way that this little thing is gonna spin my 2963.... He says, you buy this, and if you don't like it, bring it back in the original box and put 100% of the money towards another starter.... OK, what do I have to lose except another chance to come over to CarCraft and go to Zorba's Hamburgers for lunch (I live for a Zorba Burger and Onion Rings from this place -- they are great!!!! Remember that the next time your in the area)..... SO, I bring this thing home, throw it into the car and this little starter is winging my engine at a higher RPM than I have ever had..... Really impressed with this little thing!!!!!!
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Confucius says -- You definitely have an over rich condition, if you are finding pinholes in your intake by fuel squirting out.......

Words to live by if you ask me.....
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new engine -- new look

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For those of you that warned me about using aluminum for fuel lines with a alcohol based fuel -- -- Well,,,, You were more than right

My injectors looked the same too!!!!!!
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Fuel system completely redone -- just missing two -8an to -6an fittings -- ordered them from Jeg's today........ Redid the front mounting of the fuel pump and ran the 5/8" lines down through the tunnel -- need to take a picture of that

Oil system is next .....

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Went to the Pomona Swap meet today.... ((Bet you guys can tell the wife is out of town for a week))

Wow, I haven't been to one in over 20 years and this thing was massive. Easy 200 VW's in the VW corral. Got a wild hair and hung a For Sale sign on the Ghia for $20K as the guy in the Porsche powered Bus next to me had a price of $100K on it..... But the side panels on it were soooooo straight, I could of taken a picture of my Ghia off it (or you can see my car in the reflection off the door)..... The Double cab behind me was gorgeous too!!!!

No one wanted a HotRod Ghia LOL........

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Here is a picture of the engine -- finished -- for now -- this week -- today

Have made some templates to cover all the openings around the engine, but need to get some sheet metal to finish.... I've got some stainless sheet laying around but other than my 4" grinder, I really don't have a way of cutting it.

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