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Long time coming-my new toy

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Been at this for 4 years and it's still on jackstands.
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Been a while since I have posted any info on my car.I have done the new rear engine plate 5mm thicker at the transmission mounting face.I still have to drill all the mounting holes.I bought myself a set of metal rollers to fabricate the sides of my tray.I have done both panels on the LH side of the car and I am pleased with result.


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That thing is so cool. Your work is amazing. Hope you get to run it soon.
Very nice I like your concept, like the willy's truck very cool.

Gary, the craftsmanship is incredible! I can't wait to see the finish product.
Got the motor tuned at last-it's making 340 HP at the wheels with some more tune left in it.Nearly finished the rear body panels-just need to finish the spoiler and cover the back in somehow.The auto trans didn't do anything nasty on the dyno-so hoping it is all OK.


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Great looking pick up.... and nice racer...

Wrap is finally finished both sides and an Aussie flag on the spoiler.I had some over fuelling issues from idle to 2,500 revs,just needed to take 20% out and it's all good now.Just need some track time now.Made some ladder bars just in case it gets airborne.


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You win a design Oscar from me!
Engine and transmission, more points.
I "stole" your pictures directly. Not to be lost.
Thanks Frallan- its been a long time coming. I worked out that I started the Oval in February 2000 and have almost finished the Drag Car- 14 and a half years to do 2 cars. I dont understand what you mean - I stole your pics.
bajamike560 said:
What they^^^^^^^^ said!!!!!! :thumbsup:
I like the color combo.


I like the colors too!
Reminds me on this, our flag.
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I was so inspired by the design that I immediately copied the pictures to my PC.
I have a -67 with widened fenders and a lot of test platform years of history.
Now I think i know what to do with it.
One day maybe. Many projects prior.

The Pank dragster is now on the floor.
The Dave Folts trans and engine mocked up.
Maybe I run it 2014 and then we can compare auto trans experience?

I forgot, who made your converter?
I chose the colour combo- but the basic design came from Jon Rathbone's Drag Car from England. I spotted his car in a Mag in 2001 and fell in love with it.
It's now Feb 2016 and it still hasn't been down the strip.The fuel system with the CB stuff was still rubbish - different issues all the time.Overfuelling,then no fuel pump or injector pulse.I took the car to another tuner on May 10 last year and I got it back early October.After many attempts to get it tuned,he finally gave up and removed all the CB stuff and fitted a Wolf ECU and did a complete rewire in the engine bay.He claims its all good now.The only major issue from him-on the last Dyno run,the auto trans stopped driving.I have since had the trans to Aaron Roberts and he discovered it wasn't assembled correctly at the first rebuild.The front clutch pack had failed and let the piston **** sideways and popped the seal.It's back together and I fitted it back to the car yesterday,and the engine is going in today.I can't believe the **** that's happened to me with this car and all beyond my control.Hopefully this year I will be able to scare myself in it.
I know your pain -- glad that there is light at the end of your tunnel --

and once your get to feel the power, the bad times will fade
Pulled the covers today to check the tappets-all 4 exhaust stems are gone and the rockers are rubbing on the collets.Another setback.
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