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Madmike's 76

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Swapped the Dragster for this,had no drivetrain, had a blown up turbo motor that I picked up on the shelve,,,had a 1915 T3 60trim,sitting here and a 2276 w/T04,, so had fun this summer, cracked some cylinders & washed the rings,,(fuel pressure issue)haven't run the T3 combo yet too:cold
only got to drive it 6 time's total this year:cry:
4th time/pass I did a [email protected]:embarrass:granny launch bonestock trans:timebomb: 1:9 60 foot :( I sure with more seat time plus a Built trans,,I will do better,and the fact I had the 1915 T04 on it, didn't spool none to quick:(
Guys ask me all the time how fast is it ??,, I tell them do u know how/what a 2 stroke 250cc dirt bike powerband hit feels like? like THAT!! but in a car!!!!:drivingskid:


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trans is almost together,, had to re-use 3rd & 4th:eek:
well see how long they last?:timebomb::drivingskid:
I may need to 'trim' the drive flange seals,, shop sold me the Wide ones:(


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trans is in ,also installed the 181 axles and cv's ,
snow storm this weekend so had time to install the cnc staging brake too.had the wife help bleed the brakes, she always ask me 'which pedal?':eek:
yers ago,,,,we tried to bleed the 'clutch pedal' once:p:funnyshitsign:
I've had the motors out of the bug all winter,I have 2 a 2276&1915
I slapped in the 1915 for the Lewiston Cruise this fathers day, still having fuel issues,turns out I have a 'Black'Holley pump instead of the 'Red':eek:
swapped the spring in it for the red one and 'presto' no more 7lbs F.Pressure:eek: I couldn't get it down with the adjustment screw almost falling out of the regulator:mad:Now alls well!!
3 1/2 lbs. no fuel blowing pass the 3.00 needle&seat :spin:
none drippin out the Stacks!!! and hopefully no more cracked cylinders:cool:[/QUOTE
I have fuel pressure down to 1.75 lbs with it being boost referenced, run a 2.50 n/s to control fuel better on the 1914cc
Good to know,thanks,Mike
I just put insurance & a plate on it,,,and it snowed ,LOL
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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