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Magneto body but modern electronics!

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Anyone using one of these?

Hella expensive so just curious?
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Too expensive, you could buy a whole MSD set up for that!
I have seen em too. Kinda weird to have the LOOK but not the real thing?! ??? Kinda like the new hilborn efi using the old staggard stacks...
I actually took a joe hunt mag from a 36 chevy racecar that is being restored back to its og style from the 50s and put in a ford style pickup and gm adv, just like the msd, man talk about a shocking time :scare: the cool thing about it was that this car was never raced again after it was put in the barn in 1955, i was the first person to start it and fix the bugs in 54 years man it was cool
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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