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Mark Deacon's "Red Rider Two" ghia

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Mark Deacon's twin engine turbo ghia funny car

Mark Today running a Harley shop in Hawaii

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did it ever make a pass?
Dec 1982
First time on cover while still in Hawaii running 9.3s

This is later version of car in California

Not sure the twin engine ever ran?
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I do remember seeing both of his early Ghia race cars run, but can't say as I remember seeing the Red Rider II car ever run.
The unavailing at Fremont Baylands Raceway 1988

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Hi Brian
wasn't the some scandel over the car disapearing
Yea the car was built as I remember with a partner and it went south and one got the car and the other the engine.

Thats just from memory so might not be exactly right
Heres a few pictures I took of the Red Rider Ghia of Mark Deacon at the spring Bug O Rama 1984.

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I got to see the car in Denver. If I remember right they had some troubles. It sure was out of the box for the time it came out. One badass race car.
I took this picture at Sacramento in 1987....maybe 1988 but there was no Ghia body as far as I remember.
Brain, were did you find that picture? Shoptalkforums?
No problem, I just find it fun to see my old picture re-appear here.
In the same race Cory McClenath ran his Mac Attack funny Ghia though.
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Man, I remember when that car ran at Baylands. I was even more stoked, because he was local to me at the time,..Burlingame. I would see the car at Holland Service and check it out. I believe that the car always had the Ghia Funny car body on it.
I had this picture of Cory's and also Claytons. I owned the Bad Karma for a short time. Very cool cars.


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Frallan said:
I took this picture at Sacramento in 1987....maybe 1988
Brain, were did you find that picture? Shoptalkforums?
I am so sorry, as a photographer I hate seeing my photos on places I didn't put them.

I honestly don't know where it came from but not Shoptalk I don't go there.

I thank you for the photo but will take it down if you wish?
Hey Lance

I ran that same Denver race with Cory Macs funny car. I have a bunch of photos of that race. That was the first time racing with the big guys. Qualified into quick 16 and got Jack Saccette in the fiat first round. Cory, Lyle, Jack , the Pizzos and two other cars came out from California for the Small Car Specalities race. I think Damon Harmon was there with the original Quarter Toy. Cool part of early VW racing 1987.
I repeat, I do not mind at all. It was just fun to see the engine and then those feet in the background that seemed so familiar.
I have more pictures from that time of Pizzos, Kawels, etc. and much that I have no idea off who is who.
Maybe I will just start a new thread on this part of the forum and then get in to some serious scanning for the favorites.
Just came across this forum. Rumors going around Hawaii that Mark Deacon is putting together a new Red Rider. If anyone has more info, let me know
And I shipped all the original Red Rider turbo stuff along with Hilborn Inj. P&C's and Cyl, heads last week from CA to Hawaii. More than just a rumor!
is that the twin engine deal or his old single engine and turbo set up.
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