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Misc. How to questions

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Ask the questions that don't fit into the other categories.
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hello! My name is Al "Buster" Price, I have been into VW's all my life. I am a long time friend of Brian Watts & if there is any info I can give contact me!
Your the guy that helped me learn this all

Thanks for the friendship
It HAS NO ENGINE. I have a V8 with 350 turbo I WANT TO PUT IN IT. iT IS SITTING ON A 1970 vw PAN.
Whats IS THE BEST FRAME TO PUT UNDER IT. Whats the easiest way to do this.?
Re: Misc. How to questions - trouble shoot engine start

I have a 70 1600 type one engine installed in a Brazilian PUMA. The engine died - just shut off and I can not restart.
The engine begins to start then dies. Will not continue start to idle
Per local recommendations I have changed the following all with no help.
1 New Dist, Points, Rotor, and wires.
2 New Coil
3 New Fuel Pump.
4 Drained Carburetor Sump - Clear gas.
Any other ideas?
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Worn/fouled plugs, Timing off too far to run, tight valves/no compression?
maybe the distributer got loose and poped up and out of the drive
Jerry Matsko said:
maybe the distributer got loose and poped up and out of the drive
Good one!!....That tends to create a pop or backfire when trying to start...But still a very good possibility..
For the Willys, I would suggest a chevy s-10 or blazer chassis. They are short, but check the wheelbase. There is a guy in Connecticut that has that exact same set up
bad throttle shaft seal? the s10 -15 chev/Gmc had a 100.5 in wb .. I did a little thinking( yeah, rare,huh?) and went back to when (I was achevy fleet manager and thought about the Ford vs chevy dope we got from the factory.. well long story longer, the ford bronco ll had/has a 94 in wb .. vw=94.5 .. i d9id aswearch and this is acommon swap.. bronco Bug.. here is a post to not one but two abandonded BB builds...
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