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mukuni side drafts

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guys next door to me dyno mazda and datsun stuff all day long- they are telling me they can build me a 44 mukuni that will flow the same as a 50 weber- They say they are beter all around drivability- peak hp... what do you guys think- Its only $200 so i gave them the go ahead but i thought i would get some input. Right now ive got a 40 weber on a 2276 with a t3/t4 . Calculator says im making 280ish right now. for now i wanna stick with a side draft so a 4 barrel is out of the question
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Seems to me the Mikuni is really close to the weber side in design. I dont know how the flow rates would be different but my biggest question is what to do for jets etc. when those guys arent around? Something to consider anyway. At least with the weber any vw guy is gonna have jets e-tubes that will work with the side webers. At least the IDA and idf guys......
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