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New Engine diapers

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Here is a great new product by "Fastback" John McDonald .
It is a custom made engine diaper to contain any spills that might happen.
This product could change the way events are run in the fact that if mandatory you could stop all the down time with oil downs!!
I personally am looking forward to results from some testing that is going down with them this weekend!!

Each one is custom fit to your engine from precision measurements!

John McDonald
[email protected]

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Your supposed to do an article on these aren't you?
Lanky said:
Your supposed to do an article on these aren't you?
Yea I am talking to the guy and they seem to have real potential

Consider a pan or diaper
been running one of these for a couple years. Only issue I've had is I melted a strap on my new engine. I believe because the cylinders are not finned on this one. Seemed to have no problem with finned cylinders. I also routed the straps through heat shield material.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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