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Hi all
Just a quick update.
After having my engine rebuilt to be a bit more tractable on the road and hopefully to last longer than the 3000 miles it managed last time I was surprised to run a new PB of 15.52.
Not a huge improvement but I've reduced the comp ratio from 9.7:1 down to 8.5:1 and replaced the cam from a 86C to an FK10 - the extra power (or the power to replace those losses) has come from some top head work from Lee Maynard and an upgrade from 44mm webers to 48mm CB quicktune injection.
I know there's more in her as I'm currently not getting full throttle and those runs were done with the exhaust and fan belt on, little in the way of weight reduction and no messing with tyre pressures (didn't get the time to experiment)
I'm hoping to get to EBI4 where I'm sure it'll get close to the 14 I'd like to see.

Here's a pic from the day

and a video of me and Jesus cruising home

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