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Hello all,

I'm have been a rotary head for years and years I love the strange little motors and cars in general. Well I came across a Berry mini-t for sale really cheapish and it needed a little work so I jumped in and bought it. I was told it's a 66 beetle chassis and motor. Not sure any of that is correct after researching. But it is some vw air-cooled motor. Pretty sure whoever build it did a lot of work on the motor and had no idea how to do anything with suspension and the trans shifter.

I was able to get the suspension mostly worked out. They had it lifted to high with the rear there was literally no suspension movement no matter what. And the shift rod and shifter was not even the right shifter. But I was able to get that all squared away after a few days of working on it. Here are some pics and I will be posting another post for help with figuring out what motor this is. Car runs great though.


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