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Here are a few pictures of some nice VW motors I have seen in my day.
Judson blower on show car at BOR

This 48 IDA'd motor went into a show Ghia back during the early Bug In days.

Paradise Express from Bug In 32

Gregs VW race motor

My model race motor

Kyle and Jeff Maddens show winning 58 Bug

VW turbo Bug model built by Snuggles aka Sam

Okrasa eater Oval at Bug In 32

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I have a few more pictures. Hope you like them.

The motor in Dominicks car at Nicks Burgers-Bug In 33.

Race motor at one of the VW shops we visited during Bug In 33 weekend.

A few of the killer street motors.

Two vintage motors

The famous Shawn Geers DRK motor.

Even the Ghias getin into it.

This car had a heavily modified suspension to lower the car-note rear engine tin raised.

Its water cooled, but still a VW-the Jetta Bug as we call around these parts.

One of the most famous motors of all time. This motor is the same one that was on the cover of How To Hot Rod A VW Engine. The motor is now hooked up to the Berg dragster "Little But Quick".

And last but not least-and not VW but still very cool. My sons Sam-Richie and I stopped by John Force Racing and snuck back to the rear of the shop and walked right up on a few of these. Man I wish I could have put one of those in my pocket.
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