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Nick Whartons new project. "Full Custody"

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Ok, after two weeks of organization and initial assesment of the car, I have decided to build a car. 6 years ago I walked away from the 'scene' trying to save a marriage and family, but low and behold, I lost both. I sold the car to get married and solidify my family, didn't work out as planned. I was left with a foreclosure, divorce, and minus a few cars, but was also left with the best thing to ever come into my life, my son, Zachary. I am now divorced, have a great job, and 'full custody' of my son. After sorting my life out I have decided to build again and race. Not just PRA, but nostalgia events. I have missed all the great people in this industry and look forward to more good times. Not sure if many remember me, but if you don't, heres a quick breakdown.
I bought Doug Wagners old S/S #1 car, stripped it down and rebuilt it for turbo, with the help of Marty Staggs, Kevin at KCR, Anton "white russian" Belichev, and others, we created a great car. Won Super Comp my rookie year, and had a blast doing so. I started the next year, but personal issues conflicted with racing, so I hung it up and sold the car to Shawn of the Silver Bugget crew. So, here is the build of my car, I figure 1 1/2 years to get down the strip, but things are going faster than I expected, so who knows.
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Nick, if you have any questions give me a call at the shop 623 376 2562
Austin Larsen said:
What's the spring plate angle at ride height
does IRS and swing require the same spring plate angle?
No air cleaner huh? Hmm, yep the wheel looks like it ate a rock thrown off of the tire.

I say lower the air pressure and install a clutch management system. Also with bent down bars to the frame horns it will still allow the horns to move because you lose the rigid triangulation a straight bar provides. Think of the bend as a hinge point.

Running a GoPro camera pointed down at the engine can give you much data. You can watch when the secondaries open, the frame horns, how fast the clutch engages and what the suspension is doing to name a few. I'm sure someone told you all of these things already though.
I think you just need to change the name of your car to "Red Head Step Child" and continue to beat the hell out of it.

It did look like a street car launce. It looked like you were not the only one that couldn't get it to the ground.
Brian Sanders said:
Since no one is speaking up I'll pipe in.

From My view it launched like it had street tires.

I say try 12 lbs tire pressure.
Also what clutch disk are you running? It hit pretty hard. You might want to think about CM
or the REV 6
well, I have this fun little survey to fill out asking me questions about
motor size, hp, car weight, launch rpm, etc......
hopefully in a couple of weeks i'll have my new Rev6 clutch setup.
anyone want to buy a kennedy dual disc setup, flywheel and all?
In the down time I am also going to install the front down bars, with a cross bar and spots to add weight.
I came up 42lbs short in the weight needed for pro turbo, Im guessing the down bars and hardware should weigh close to 20.
Then I can 4 corner the car and add weight where needed
Nick Wharton said:
SO..... wheel hop MAJOR off the starting line. Here's what I got
30mm bars, IRS, `16 way adjustable shocks, dual adjustable. I set them at 8 and 8, and the front single adjustable at 8
I have no video, but the car shook violently enough that a fender dzus popped out.
it still managed a 1.68 60ft. which surprised me
18LBS of tire pressure. Im thinking that the rebound needs to be tightened ALOT
18psi in the tires? Holy Basketballs Batman. What size MT? 8x26? Try something in the 9-10psi range. We always ran about 8.5 in the lighter cars.

As for shocks, its hard to say since the tires are so far off. I'd tighten up the extension on the rear several clicks. Since you have sissy sticks, I'd loosen up the front for now until you are sure you are getting good transfer. Once it starts wanting to wheelie, start tightening up the front.

And yes, your new Rev6 will solve a TON of your issues... (except whatever went throught the turbo...)

Glad to see another long term project hit the track! Remember, its all in reading the parts before you run over them! Now comes the fun part...

Hopefully ours is only a couple weeks behind you.
Good news, motor disassembled and inspected, other than oil in the cylinders from the turbo, everything looks great. Shag built a killer motor, and it will be back out soon. I think I may have a dry sump tank made that fits below the crankcase so I know the oil stays in the sump tank.
Time for the rest of the build to continue, and do some testing here without such a crowd and maybe my nerves will be better.
I'd say make notes of all These suggestions, make sure your alignment is good and go make a full run. But if it gets squirly be ready go get out of it gracefully. As far as the low air pressures go I've always found that to feel sketchy and have never needed to run less that 17psi in my slicks without tubes(both on 6" and 9* wide tires). Give yourself some time to get reacquainted with racing a bug. And my biggest suggestion, if you get it loose down track, do not get back into it, save it for the next run.

Congrats on getting it back together! You did a great job!
Is there an advantage to sub 10psi over 15-17psi if you hook with with the higher numbers? Just felt more stable to me but maybe I'm missing out.

I'm just happy for nick that he can go have some fun racing again!
realfastbug said:
Is there an advantage to sub 10psi over 15-17psi if you hook with with the higher numbers? Just felt more stable to me but maybe I'm missing out.

I'm just happy for nick that he can go have some fun racing again!
I was happy to have made a pass considering the pressure I had on others to help me.
Shag, made a breather box in one night, Micah picked it up for me on no notice, delivered it to the track, Brian helps me with screws to mount, Danny Cerny let me use some line shears to cut the line, Doug Harvey gave me the fitting I needed to make the last line. My whole crew thrashed to help me get it ready. I am truly blessed to have all the good friends I have in this community. I was happy with such a bad launch ( I have a loose filling) that it still went 1.6 60 ft. , and letting off, it went 92 in the 1/8th.
for a [email protected] mph. Its been a while so the jitters were there, but its WAYYYY faster than my old car. Time to get the physical, go through the slow motions of license passes
and actually be reliable.
Cant wait for more
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If this is a pro turbo car, as I thought it was he's going to need to use basically all of the tire
realfastbug said:
Is there an advantage to sub 10psi over 15-17psi if you hook with with the higher numbers? Just felt more stable to me but maybe I'm missing out.

I'm just happy for nick that he can go have some fun racing again!
I was Leary of lower pressures too. I was running my tires at 15lbs. ( so I thought)

But Saturday night after sitting in the lanes for 3 hours and the temps dropping I checked my pressure and decided to use another racers tire gauge.
I asked doug to check them and even them out.. I said don't tell me the pressure...
After the run and a nice 60' I asked and he said I was at 12 lbs.
I ran 12 the rest of the weekend and my 60's were consistent and in the high 1.3's

Anyways back to the down track feeling... The car felt the same as if I had 15.

And Hopefully someone will chime in for some clarity but I would think the slicks have a fairly stiff side wall when they are under power even at a lower pressure such as 10 lbs. The whole reason you want to keep on the throttle.
Once you get out of it and the car unloads it can turn into a wild ride when you get back in it.

Anyone feel free to take us to school on the issue.
I'm just a weekend warrior trying to keep up on the know how.
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We start at 11 psi and work our way down all the cars we run seem to like this pressure and all the cars are stable down track, 1.25 sixties in PM and low 1.3s in everything else.
I admit my car feels better with more pressure. It feels wallowy at the end with low pressure. I have 28" slicks. The best 60 was in the 1.3 with 17lbs. If I go lower it does not help my 60. There are many variables. It's like someone makes a cake another try's it and says that's great. Let me have your recipe he goes home makes a cake with your recipe and it's not the same. Go figure? Every car is different. I never just let off the clutch always get depressed before I let go of the gas and create engine drag ,that's what causes the car to unload.
Come on tim, dont get all depressed :)

Thats how I launch too!
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