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Nick Whartons new project. "Full Custody"

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Ok, after two weeks of organization and initial assesment of the car, I have decided to build a car. 6 years ago I walked away from the 'scene' trying to save a marriage and family, but low and behold, I lost both. I sold the car to get married and solidify my family, didn't work out as planned. I was left with a foreclosure, divorce, and minus a few cars, but was also left with the best thing to ever come into my life, my son, Zachary. I am now divorced, have a great job, and 'full custody' of my son. After sorting my life out I have decided to build again and race. Not just PRA, but nostalgia events. I have missed all the great people in this industry and look forward to more good times. Not sure if many remember me, but if you don't, heres a quick breakdown.
I bought Doug Wagners old S/S #1 car, stripped it down and rebuilt it for turbo, with the help of Marty Staggs, Kevin at KCR, Anton "white russian" Belichev, and others, we created a great car. Won Super Comp my rookie year, and had a blast doing so. I started the next year, but personal issues conflicted with racing, so I hung it up and sold the car to Shawn of the Silver Bugget crew. So, here is the build of my car, I figure 1 1/2 years to get down the strip, but things are going faster than I expected, so who knows.
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Car now resides in Wisconsin. I miss her already.
Car now resides in Wisconsin. I miss her already.
What did I miss???? What did I Miss????
I traded it off for another car.
Nick you very nice work and that car was bad ass!
OK -- I'll ask the stupid question -- -- What did you trade for????????
OK -- I'll ask the stupid question -- -- What did you trade for????????
Think he traded with Daniel May
Who is Daniel May and stilll gotta ask, what is the car? Come on, spilll the beans Nick!
Pictures or it didn't happen ---------

That's what Grandma always tell me LMAO
That's a clean looking car. Now you can get more seat time driving on the street and still hit the track when you get the itch. Probably a good choice for Nick, but I would just get tickets.
Saw Daniel's (now Nick's) car earlier this year a Larry's VW Nationals. It's one clean and fast Bug! ;)
I hope Daniel continues to post on here with updates.......
Ill update during the 2015 racing season to keep everyone in the loop. :cool:
The wrap is almost finished so I should be testing in the next few weeks.
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