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New to owning a air cooled bug so far driving me crazy.74 standard beetle.
I did a complete front end replacement tie rods ,ball joints, bearings, changed over to disc. First problem no brake lights I figured pressure off from removing the drums. After everything was done still no lights I jumped the wires at the connections to the switches and had brake lights so I bought 2 new switches, turned key on and lights where stuck on no pedal pushed ????So now I'm thinking ill bleed it better went around twice got fluid out very little bubbles no pedal had a few leaks from the blue rubber hose I replaced them bleed again still no pedal .Now I'm mad went and bought a new M/C installed bleed twice no pedal at all .But on the bright side I turn my key on lights aren't stuck on oh and press brake pedal down and nothing. At this point I will try anything I'll stand on my head and turn wrenches if that will help.
Thanks Mitch
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