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Have a 69 Baja bug I call Cake 🎂 Walk. Got into racing here in Southern Oregon in 2014. Showed up to the drags to watch and take pictures. Apparently they needed one bug to be even numbered. Wasn’t planning on racing, just brought enough to get in. One of the fellow racers said he’d cover my cost to race. Made it to the finals and took runner up. I was hooked, been racing ever since. In 2019 upgraded to a bigger engine. 1835 with dual 44 mm. That engine started my side gig on making v dub parts. Had a friend build me my 1835, by the time I drove it home from Grants Pass my throttle cable was digging in big time. Dam I’ll look online and see what’s available. Figured I’d make my own guide wheel, very crude but it worked perfectly. Centered cable coming out of tube then up to my hex linkage. Well you know how we check out who has what and where did you get it, how it works. Got those questions and I said I made it, can you make me one sure ! Didn’t know what to call it, my buddy Richard say’s you should call it the “ Otto Wheel”. Then a fellow another v dubber ( Paul ) the one that paid my way into racing. Asked if could weld a socket on a input shaft. He was wanting to use it when his engine was on his engine stand. Sure I could do that for you. Again you know how word gets out about who’s doing what. Hey Otto is making a clutch management tool ( Coined by my buddy Ed ) to check your clutch disc break away. Theirs a few articles on here talking about it. Great information, so another v dub buddy ( Tom ) was so jazzed with my guide wheel. He even bought one for his engine and was so blown away on how it works. He says I’m going to set you up with a website. Shows the stuff I make. Hit up on here a give you the website.

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