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I have a '74 Super Beetle Convertible that I bought to restore off eBay without looking at it first. Yep, my stupid card was completely filled in on this one. I started tearing it down 8 years ago and promptly lost interest once I saw how rotted the frame head was (repairable by someone with better welding skills than I).

I am offering up the chassis (with tranny, but no floor boards, and partially rusted out frame head), doors, hood, trunk lid, fenders (one slightly crunched and repaired with bondo), and body (rusted out heat channels, rusted out parcel tray, rusted out trunk/spare tire tray, formerly crunched passenger front which was pounded straight by someone else) to whomever wants to come pick it up all together for free, but I will not part it out.

Used For Sale I have:
'74 Engine complete

New For Sale I have:
'74 Steel replacement floor boards (full, but in quarters)
'74 Steel replacement heater channels (pair)
'74 Steel replacement Parcel Tray
'74 Steel replacement Tire Tray
'74 Steel replacement Convertible reinforcement rails
'74 Steel replacement Frame Head base
'74 Fiberglass replacement floor boards (I should have known not to buy the bug when this was offered with the car)
'74 Fiberglass wide fenders (all 4)
'74 Fiberglass running boards

I live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, with the exception of the chassis, all the parts have been kept in a garage or shed and sheltered from the weather.

Send me an email at junkman (at) hunterstyle (dot) com for pictures or pricing for parts.

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