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Point's & condensor replacement w/electronic ignition

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This is one of the easiest, cheapest, and best investments you could make to your vw when looking for an upgrade. They provide a little more power, smoother running engine, and help a little with your fuel economy. I personally like the pertronix drop in electronic ignition but there are other brands and models to choose from. I have had it in a motor that has seen some high rpm's and alot of abuse. Most if not all setups come with instructions but here is a quick how-to. First as always you should disconnect the battery when doing anything that has to do with the electrical system to make sure you don't fry anything. Next, remove your distributor cap, rotor, points, and condensor. Next install the brain with the wires from your new electronic ignition, tighten it down, route the wires thru the square hole in your distributor, install the round magnetic pick-up, the slide on your old rotor, (this would be a very good time to inspect and or replace the cap & rotor if they are worn) and put the distributor cap back on. Now connect a spade terminal to the red and black wires and connect the red to the positive terminal on the coil and the black to the negative side of the coil. One more thing I would suggest to do is re-check the timing. If you have a stock engine look in a manual to see what your timing specs should be, otherwise if you have a somewhat high performance engine, 7 degrees before top dead center or 30 degrees full advance (3-3500 rpm's) should get you in the ballpark!
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