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poly race seats safe?

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i see alot of those plastic (poly) race seats in alot of race cars. are they safe as aluminum? seems like the bolt holes or inserts in the bottom of the plastic seats would pull out easy in a crash. i kinda working on a race car project and i have acces to a free poly seat but im worried its not safe even thogh it wont be that fast. 12s maybe. any advice?
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I prefer an aluminum seat.

NHRA Section 16 - General Regulations
6:2 Seats

".....seats must be bolted with four bolts and nuts and washers.........all seats must be properly braced, framed, supported and constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or double layer poly. Single layer poly must have steel tube framework....."

I have seen the inserts in poly seats pull out.
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