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Project Chicken Coupe

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My boss went to look at a beetle that he heard had been sitting for a while. Took his truck and trailer down there and saw it, sitting in a chicken coop. Having been taken apart over 9 years ago, and then building the coop around it, apparently the owner finally decided to get rid of it.

The previous owner actually wanted money for it, but my boss said that he'd take $100 to haul it out of there. They settled on $Free-get-it-outta-here.

Then it sat at the shop, no glass, with the fenders, tank, tires and seats all sticking out of the window and windshield holes. After a couple more months, he decided to fill it with junk and crush it for scrap. That's when I made him an offer on it. I'd rather build a daily than see a bug get crushed. Hell, it has a clean title, just needs some work. And we've got plenty of used parts to build 10 cars from scratch. He wouldn't have it, said if I wanted it, just get it off the lot, he was tired of looking at it. So we yanked it up to my house and there she's sat since last fall. I was still planning on building a daily out of it, after I replaced the engine and trans in my wife's '76 Vert Super and at least starting the body work on my '58 Vert.

Then it happened, unexpectedly, I'll admit, bit it did and now it's done. And you know what they say, "What has been done can not be undone."

We have a shop drag car. My boss' really good friend usually drives it. I've pulled it in and out of the shop a couple of times, test drove it down the street after aligning it and such. But one Friday night, he couldn't drive it, his shift where he works got switched around and he had to be at work at 6am on Saturdays from then on. So I asked if I could give it a whirl, see what all the hubbub was.

I got permission from my wife (yeah, that happened), just so she knew that when I got home smelling of race fuel exhaust and gasoline that I hadn't frequented some strip club aimed at mechanics. After all the pre-race rituals, learning the tree, a couple of time trials, I threw her down the track, beating her like she owed me money! Well, by that I mean, shifting like a grandma, lifting when I shifted, reaction times that looked like I was using the green light as an alarm to wake up to, then get dressed, start the car and then take off. But with all that, I still managed to run her the 2 fastest times that she'd ever run. WTH?!

My wife told me that when I hot home, I was smiling ear to ear. So I knew what needed to happen, I needed to build a race car. And there happened to be a shell sitting in front of my garage too, how convenient!

Here she is, the Chicken Coupe, a '71 Super.

Plans are (and we know how plans can be, plan I one hand and crap in the other, see which one fills up):
CB Super Pro heads
CB 2300 cam
1.3:1 rockers
12.25-12.5:1 compression with the usual stuff
002 early 3 rib trans (it's what I've got for now) with a super diff
Weld Draglite rims, rotors and drums machined to fit the Mustang bolt pattern of the Draglites
Lowered, but not slammed.

I still want to keep it street legal, maybe run it to school once in a while, to work here and there for farts and rainbows, maybe run up the hill for a Pepsi at Sonic too. But at $7.39 a gallon, not too often. :D

Already picked up the front Draglites.

Anyway, that's what I've got, bracket is all I'm planning on. But then again, all I was originally planned on was a daily driver too.

Running 1/4 mile, I think 1/8 mile is like having sex for the first time, it's over way too quick.

And thanks to everyone for imparting a ton of information on me already. I've lurked for a long time, just registering lately to be able to interact. Especially now that I have something to make go fast of my own.

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