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I am buying a sand rail with a VW setup in it tomorrow and have a few questions, I have decent knowledge on FI/turbo motors but am limited on knowledge on the VW/carburated platform so I apologize in advance. The guy I am buying this from told me it is making about 300hp on 110 octane currently but claims you would not be able to run anything lower and make that power without granading the motor, I am in utah so 91/93 is the general octane you see at any pump and 110 is a hefty price for this vehicle which will be used a lot and be beaten on at the sand dunes. E85 is also available but i'm guessing that would gunk up the carb.

So my question here is would it be possible to run it on 91 or 93 and still make 300hp safely, and what would I need to do to make that happen(there is a VW specialty shop about an hour from me I was considering taking the car to for a retune if needed)

Below is the ad posted and it has decent spec listed, but I should have more info on
specific parts when I pick the car up tomorrow.
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