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Quick release pins for your engine lid!

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I don't know how anyone else feels about this but I love to be able to remove my engine lid with ease. It is a very simple process that will only cost you a trip to the local hardware store and $8 max. Pick up 2 of these...

Make sure they are 1/4". Take a skinny 1/4" punch and drive out the existing pins on you engine lid. Remove your engine lid and then take a 1/4" drill bit and drill out the engine lid hinges. You may have to ream them a bit larger to get the pins to move freely. A quick fix that most of you may have already known about but a cool idea anyway.
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Probably alot easier then them damn Dzus fasteners-- trying to get everything to line up on my decklid is a BI*CH!!
Then you have to wait for them. lol
Thanks Lanky! I've been meaning to do this for a while now, I just keep forgetting to do it. When i see them at the store, I forget to figure out what size I need, or when I'm under the lid, I think about it etc....... I hate trying to mount my lid by myself. It's a bit of a PITA. :) do you punch the stock hinge pins out?!?!? I was trying to do it, but the curvature of the lid was in my way. i had to cut the deck lid to be able to swing my hammer! :what: J/K! ;) But seriously............HOW??????
if i remember, the WILL go out the other way, i remember it being tight though
The pins in my 'lid were rusted in, so it took a lot of penetrating oil, some heat, and a reaming of the hole afterwards. It is really nice to pull out the pins and set the deck lid aside.

I think mine came from McMaster Carr...
Jason, please re-post the picture this thread started with. I'm about to attach a thin, fiberglass deck lid and need ideas about attaching it.
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