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Rack N Pinion steering

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Seen a few bugs that have added this on in online projects with photos.

Just curious if you guys think it is worth the time and trouble or is it just a frill?

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I personally like my good ol' steering box. I am curious how well it works and if it would be worth the $.
For a streetcar or racer? I have a rabbit rack on my racer and love it. Bump steer is pretty much not an issue. BUT most of that is placement and rod lengths....
Was thinking for a street car
Old thread I know but .... I had a shortened chevy unit on my first dragger ,worked very good but it was awful quick .I had to be pretty darn careful if the wheels came up or the rear end went a little to the south . The current one has a stock box in it and I be happy . My .02 , stay stock on a streeter unless you're after nothing but the wow factor . Dan
I am using a off road R/P on both my buggy and new bug, I love the turning radius on them, kinda like a go-cart. Will snap a few pics today and post later.
The turn ratio is a very important factor. Think about what you will end up with AND your steering wheel size as well. Unless your autocrossing get the car to turn SLOW....... :smooth:
Were are the PICS akabuzz
lets see :hrmm:
These are from my new car but the buggy is the same way.


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if you go this route, make sure you buy a quality unit. alot of these imported buggy racks have "built in slop" :turd:
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