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Redding Drags this weekend......

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I know a lot of guys will be going to Fontana but if your not wanting/cant afford to go that far and wanna see some good racing come up to Redding's track and check out some funny car action!!! CIFCA Blown Alky funny cars will be at the track and start running at 3pm. Gates open at noon and you can race as well for a 10 dollar tech card!!! 10 bux a person to get in and the track will prob go until midnight as it is a street nite as well starting at 6:00.

I know me and the wolfgang digger will be out there to represent but I am really lookn forward to the funnys.....
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Rea-he-he-he-he-lly............ hmmmmm..........anyone got a bed/chair/floor/hammock for the fat kid?

I get 35 mpg in the Escort o' Death, maybe I'll come up and hang out......and get another one of those famous still-frozen-when-you-munch-it Redding c-dawgs.
same here

where going to tell you they start at nine so youll make it on time at 3 :)
Are you fellers gonna be there when the gates open? Or should I just go to Jeff's place first? I'm planning to leave here around 7am. If I plan that way, then I'll leave around 10 and be there by noon.


shoot dude, leave NOW! haha... just giving you a hard time duide

well, you know eric i wish i could give you a definant answer on that BUT i would call to be safe.

gates will be open at noon but no racing till 3. there is going to be 12 cars, maybe 13 to show up and race. its going to be awsome i think.

they run a 7.50 index. either way it will be a cool night.
Most of those CIFCA cars are capable of sub-7.50 passes, I wish they'd have a heads-up event and run em out the back door. THAT would be awesome.

Oh BTW, at last weekend's Fox Hunt @ Sac Raceway, EIGHT Outlaw ProMods showed up. EIGHT. Usually we're lucky to see 2 or 3. KILLER!!! And Randy Kay won.......again.
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