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Results from NASA Race 4

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"BlondeDog" wins at the halfway point, takes over points lead.
Nineteen racers signed up for NASA Race 4.

Final round: Dial In Reaction Time ET MOV
Lynn Urrutia 15.25 .234 15.311 .027
Chris Brown 12.90 .172 13.050

Top Qualifier - Wendy Gregson (.010) $25.00 from Travel Online Adventure
Best Package in round 1 - Brian Gomez (.167) $25.00 Mellow Insanity Racing
Best Light - Brian Gomez (.032) 20 Bonus Points $50.00 Bugformance
Bounty Hunter Award - Michael Meyer
Fastest Pass - Michael Meyer 11.037 @ 118.050mph
Sportsman of the Race - Lynn Urrutia (gave up Helmet so another racer can run)
Best Wheelie - Lynn Urrutia
Hardluck - Bryce Jones (trans), Wayne Axford (trans), Nathan Cole (starter wire)

Quotes of the Day:
"When did you get a White Helmet?"
(Rick DeLeon commenting about the helmet Lynn loaned to Gloria at the starting line. Lynn
has had the same helmet since she started racing)

"You HAVE to beat Brian or else you gotta listen to his $h!+ for the rest of the day!"
(Baaron Surratt just before a second round loss to Brian Gomez)
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