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Sacramento Chapter of the Nor Cal Air Cooled Group meets 2nd Saturday of every month at the K-mart parking lot on Sunrise Blvd @ HWY 50 at 6pm.
Hang out and kick tires for about an hour, then we take a cruise up to Folsom for coffee ans cuisine.

We also have a hardcore group of VW Drag Racers that meet every Wednesday Night at Sacramento Raceway for some track time.
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Meeting up this Saturday night!!!

Come hang out and talk VWs
damn B, why would you have to let this happen on the weekend of the Hollister rally? sheesh.
Well we had about 25 VWs show up last night. We even had a turbo charged Corvair kit car that looked like a Ford GT. Had quite a few Tru-Dubs club members show up, nice. I also got to meet Jason "Lanky" and see his car up close. Very cool car.
Looking forward to next months meeting, lets see how many Sac, Ca. Ultimate Aircooled members to the next meet. I think we had three there last night. See ya there.
Well its that time again. I hope everyone it localy can make it. I am limping my car out there. I am hoping we can beat the other chapter with 52 or so at their last meet. I have called all friends with dub.s and i think all are down to roll. Lets make it BIG..
We had a total of 32 VWs show up. Quite a few UAC members made it out. We had 2 BD Buses, 1 high roof Bus rollin on early sprit stars and a couple of Crew Cab Buses. Nice showing of cars. Hope to see more out for the Oct meet.
Just wondering who is coming out to the April NAG meet tomorrow 4-11-09. Speak up and lets get out there and have fun.

Sac NAG is tonight, hope to see a bunch of UAC people tonight :w00t:
I'm there. Need to deliver some parts.
see you in a bit.
Turnout was very nice. I did not bring the camera so I didn't get any pictures. It did look like there was a good showing of Buses there.
Greg Urrutia said:
Well I know he didn't go south for the Classic and not sure if he was working on the green machine, so I don't know what happened to him.
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