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This story is on the Scandinavian Callook forum

Heikki Våg has crashed in Finland!

He broke his neck, so it will take some time

The accident happened in the first run, the car flipped onto the roof, destroying the entire car. The car used to belong to Jääskeläinens. Heikki is undergoing surgery right now at the hospital in Helsingfors.
Hang in there Heikki!! Embarrassed

Guys, Heikki need all the support he can get in times like this. I`m just of the phone with Jussi and as JHU say above here the accident did happen in the first test run at Alastaro race track. It was also Heikki`s first test run in the new car. After crossing the finish line he braked and the car drifted to the right before it drifted to the left and crashed. He has not yet been to surgery and his head is kept still with steal supports. He do feel his legs and arms and I guess that must be a very good sign.

It would be nice if someone else would also send him flowers and his hospital address is;

Heikki Våg
Töölön sairaala
Päivystysosasto 2, topeliuksenkatu 5
00260 Helsinki

Hello guys, so what did happen was that Heikki tested the first time this car (he bought it four days before without engine) he was driving with his own engine 238hp 86x94 + 50.5 IDA:s. He said that he started little smoothier and missed something with shifting second gear in the beginning but the car went straight, he was driving the left line, before finish-line he braked once and the car went to the right and when he braked again, the car went at once strongly to the left and at once to the roof and against the wall so that the first thing to hit the wall was the roof. The speed was about 140km/h then and the car went trough the finish-line 100km/h by maybe upside down or by sideways and stopped on the wheels, he said that he has in mind when he was uppside-down and after it he remembers when the ambulance men helped him out of the car.
He got the injury in the neck, he was very lucky and the rescue-men were good and fast, so they get him to the röntgen to the near hospital and straight from there fast to the Töölö-hospital in Helsinki for magnetic-inspection and there they operated him next day. operation went ok. Now he is still there resting and has walked some steps and he said he wants to come back racing!

His race crash-helmet is also injured and the car is in very bad conditon... the only untouchable parts seems to be the battery and the rpm-cauge. They will give the inspectionraport from Alastaro this week and we will continue checking of the car soon.

Heikki will thank you all for the support he has got now and we will keep you informed how he is going.
Pictures of the car will be published, so all the racers and streetmen could understand the meaning of the safety-equipment.

Remember this: racing is just for the fun and we are all here only once !

Best regards Jussi

Lets hope he is ok?
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