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No, not worthy of the Top Ten List, but still a big accomplishment for me personally.
For those not in the know, the Shasta Bus was made available to me from the UAC founder Brian Watts.
The Bus was literally dragged out of a field in June of 2008 which was it's home for some 20 years.

Well since then the Shasta Bus has logged thousands of miles of some of the most unusual and extreme events. In the log book are 2 Shasta Snow Trips (hence the moniker), 2 Beetle Ball 24 Rallies (Vancouver to Enesenada), 3 partial HWY 1 Treffen's (most recently Portland to Ventura), 1 Blizzard Ball (Santa Monica Beach to Virginia City), a Beetle Ball Vegas is on tap for October 1st (Queen Mary to Las Vegas), and a number of camping trips with various VW Clubs.

For the most part, I've been calling the Bus a "Dual Sport" vehicle referring to the Off Road excursions and the Road Rallies. We have always re-configured and re-accessorized the Bus for the needs of the event.
Add to that the many camping trips and now the Bus can be categorized as a "Tri Sport" vehicle.

Well as of last night that has changed again. I took the Shasta Bus out last night to see how it would perform on the Drag Strip. Sacramento Raceway had their weekly "Wednesday Night Street Legal Drags". As luck would have it, I went rounds in the Import lane and ended up winning the event. Not only did the Bus perform flawlessly, I cut some pretty impressive lights with the thing. The best being .002, .010, and .021.
Best run of the night was 17.894 @ 76.535

So I guess I can say the Shasta Bus is now four fold in application or a "Quadrilateral Sport" vehicle.
Now if I can only get the thing Amphibious (do water crossings count?) or Airborne (do jumps count?).
Maybe "Auto-X" (Bus Cross) is more realistic.

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Bus Cross, ,Bonny or Brackets.. Be careful that you don't get involved in Blue Cross.. I stopped by the compound today to check up on Greg and Bracket Bus, but like the Moon discs they were both missing.. Oh well... Congrats on the Import win.
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