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I'm looking for a source for drag race shocks (adjustable preferred) that are priced reasonably. Some of these prices tags of $450 for a pair is just a little far out for me. I may not get shocks cheap, hopefully much less than $450.
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Jegs and Summitt sell QA1 and Strange single-adjustable shocks for about $300/pr. Jegs brand (basically QA1s) double-adjustable coilovers (they can be used just as shocks) are $410/pr. The concern with some of the cheaper 3-way adjustable shocks (like Competition Engineering) is whether the damping rates designed for heavier cars are suitable for our lighter VWs, as they don't have the range in adjustability as the QA1 or Strange shocks.
Got some rears from RLR.
Bit the bullet, $440. Made by QA1, knob adjustable.
Lumus has those dialed in perfectly -- You will love them
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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