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Slow Fiat -- work in progress -- updated 6/16/08

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Since there can only be one Fast Fiat LOL

A new bullet for mine

came in at a 90 X 101.6 or 2920


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barrells with 90.5 piston for comparsion

crank and rods

angle port heads with stock valves for comparsion

Don't want to say how long this motor been setting around but look at the date on the clutch LOL
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I have one of those pressure plates at home. its also dated 1985. Dam we must be old.
Thats a cute little guy. You will need the pink paint.... :boxing: :boxing:
Just thought I'd bring this topic up to the surface one last time before this site is over --- lost the complete build on the Fiat that was over on the old Cal-Look site when it collapsed -- it makes me sad that we're losing all this old information and pictures and stuff as time goes by.......
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