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This is a picture I took of the famous Super **** Box when my sons and I were in LA for the Bug In 32.

And a picture I took of a childs push car at Nicks Burgers for the Bug In 33 weekend.

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Yep that is my favorite car of all time. Fast, ugly as hell and it pissed many off.

Mark will always be missed in this community. I keep this picture made up as a magnet on my dash. Mark runs with me everytime I make a pass.

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Kafer_Mike said:
Did it have the wood apron???
Mike, I don't remember.
It was a very cool tribute to a car and VW person.
pfer10 said:
I see this photo everywhere, does anyone know the original photographer? :hrmm:

Be nice for the person to get credit for this fine photo!!

And RIP Mark
I went to the Classic in 2003 with a buddy from the local VW club. We took a bunch of pictures and one of us got that one. Not being a pro, I guess I never worried about it. I made up a couple magnets with the tribute to Mark above. I put one on my dash and I sent the other to Mike. I thought when the time is right he might put it on his toolbox. Here are the rest of the shots:
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