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Their is a guy in St Louis talking big and shooting high!

Engine by a guy named Al Shelton, anyone?

Setting his sights on the Worlds Fastest Street car title.

Someone needs to send a e-mail invitation to Vegas to him ;D

Check it out at :

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FTG Racing said:
He's got step up pretty hard to claim that title. He needs to take baby steps, like the quickest & fastest street car in St Louis. ;D
Probably feels pretty confident beating up all the combines and threshing tractors going from field to field!!

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The fastest car at the Arch. Plenty of room in the pits at Vegas. I always think its funny when the big talk comes from behind the curtain ( wizard of oz style ). Thats why track time and video brings a guy back to reality. Good luck to him as he beats up on the local guys.
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