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Steve Atkinsons S/C car

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Steve is stepping up. He has owned this car for 20 years and has raced it for jsut as long. He has found out S/C is not as easy as just saying I want to run 10:90. We have all seen his car jump all four tires off the ground out of the hole. Well not anymore. Thanks to RLR and Rancho he is tucked and narrowed. I am installing a new interior. He is getting the crank polished and the heads freshened up and wil be running in Sac on labor Day ( I hope)


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Team worked hard on getting Steve's car done and I think he ran 11:05 in Sac..not bad for an old street car.
Thought I'd dig one out of the vault -- has all the good old players throwing comments around

Lance sure has vanished from the scene -- miss the bastard LMAO
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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