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Heya all!

It's wonderful to see how active the table tennis community here is! As the name of the topic suggests I am in dire need of an advice but first I'll explain my situation. So I have been playing table tennis for a year now (am 27 y.o.), however it has always been more or less recreational, however this being due to the fact that where I live the table tennis scene is not so active. Now whenever I had the chance to play there have always been rackets around or you could rent one, which I usually did. So last week I was invited to join a group of enthusiasts who play once-twice a week (which is a lot given how much I've been playing), they train and sometimes participate in local tournaments. Now in the normal standard you could consider me a beginner, my main source of knowledge being Youtube tutorials and various articles. However I really need to buy a racket as I am joining the mentioned group of players! My goal here is to learn and get way better than I am at the moment.

My play-style: I used to play pen hold but have shifted to shake hand as it is more natural and comfortable to me. I love to drag out games and counter-attack when the opportunity arises. I do blocking, a top-spin serve and starting to learn looping with FH. (my knowledge here is very limited so no hate)

I have been browsing various forums, blogs and websites on how to choose your first racket but the amount of choices and information is quite overwhelming. What I'd like from a racket and what have I picked out from the array of equipment available from where I'm from (notice: the budget is an issue 50-60 Euros).

1. I would like to have a forgiving racket one that would help to learn but when the time comes for a serious match would be suitable. From what I gather I would need an ALL/ALL+ racket, am I correct?

2. These are the choices for rackets available where I live (picked on my limited knowledge on what I need):
a) YASAKA Classic (they make the racket themselves): YASAKA Classic Sweden + Yasaka Original Extra High Grade (2.1 mm) but I think 2.1 mm is too thick?
b) STIGA Classic Optimum MP (2mm)

3. Now I wouldn’t mind assembling the racket myself as it offers more freedom to characterise it.
These are my choices for the blade based on affordability and knowledge (don’t’ know why but I am very fond of the Yasaka brand though):
a) Yasaka Sweden Classic ALL/ALL+;
b) Yasaka Silver 9 Wood;
e) Stiga Allround Classic

These are my choices for rubbers also based on affordability:

a) Stiga Mendo Energy (2 mm)
b) Spindlord Adler (1.8-2 mm)
c) Tibhar Learn Spin (1.5-max)
d) Tibhar Norm (1.7 mm)
e) Cornilleau Start-up (1.8 mm)
f) Nittaku Micro (1.8 mm)

I have highlighted the choice I think would be suitable as a combo so correct me if I’m wrong! My top choice would be Yasaka Sweden Classic + Cornilleau Start-up

So what I want from you, my table tennis enthusiast, is to comment on my choices as to what racket or combo should I choose? Maybe I am wrong and should just go with a recreational racket such as STIGA, JOOLA, ATEMI, etc. for under 20 Euros?
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