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The UKs first 8 second VW powered doorslammer !!

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The UKs first 8 second VW powered doorslammer !!

In East Yorshire, U.K. there is a front engine type 3 ghia that is the the UKs first 8 second VW powered doorslammer !!

It was powered by a front engined 2800cc, methanol injected, turbocharged Autocraft air cooled flat 4!

Which propelled it to a U.K. best of 8.92 - 150mph!

It is now switching powerplants to a new 3.3 litre motor features Billet heads, Enderle fuel injection and a custom made Littlefield Supercharger.

The car is now being stripped and modified to accept the new motor.

The Turbo motor and Transmission is now For Sale! email to : [email protected]
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I dig that car..... and since its front-motored, I think I'll dig it even more with that supercharged engine. Friggin' killer--- I have a thing for dragged T3 Ghias.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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