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Now this is directed to the average everyday daily or street driven vw's. I have had a problem with my trans grinding into 2nd and 3rd if I don't pause before each shift and when I down shift into 2nd. I have already replaced the shift bushing and the trans mounts so those possibilities are out. I know the possibility of the syncro being shot could be the case too but I want to check every avenue before I replace the trans. I recently discovered that a specific gear oil, GL-4 should be used in our vw transmissions and using anything else can cause what I am experiencing. The weight of the gear oil isn't the issue, it is the type of gear oil that is the main concern of this thread. I haven't confirmed MY issue yet but I have heard that the use of anything but GL-4 type gear oil doesn't coincide with the material that is used to make the syncro's. I will keep everyone updated and if someone is already aware of this issue please ad to this thread to help us all out!
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