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Building a tube chassis drag car from scratch in 16 weeks? Crazy but if there is one person who could do it that's my crazy cousin!! An idea birthed out of a typical conversation amongst cousins regarding vw drag racing and doing something most would say is just not possible spurs my family on to prove them wrong time and time again.

His idea was to build this on a budget to prove it could be done plus it would also ensure he stayed married!!

Lots of parts from family and parts from others in the drag racing community to put this all together. All done for just on $5000!!

Engine is 930 Porsche bored to about 3.4L. Originally out of an offroad race buggy from South Africa. Engine has run for about 10 years!! Car came off hoist/build table about 11am Saturday past and was put on a trailer and headed straight to the track. First time he drove it was from the pits to the start line!!

VW Warwick was to be a test and tune exercise to get it right. Car ran as straight as an arrow and didn't miss a beat!! Ran a best of [email protected] over the 1/8 with a best 60ft of 1.77.

Modified beetle king and link front end with disc brake conversion and rear is superbug torsion housing with spax adjustables and airbags to control squat on launch. 091 kombi box with 930 cv's and axles. Disc brake conversion on rear as well. Mitsubishi canter tilt adjustable steering column with quick release steering wheel. Peddle assembly is also from Mitsubishi canter as is brake booster set up. Line lock kit also installed.

Body has had 6' chop on sills roughly all the way round and all glass replaced with plexi glass.

Body is still ratty but will get over haul with paint and a straighten up etc etc. fibreglass doors all round will be next major mod too. Here are a few pics I've managed to get...
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